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LodeSeeker just got better!

LodeSeeker™ now has a school dashboard which gives an overview of results, trends and response statistics at login time along with quick access to summary reports. Originally LodeSeeker™ was developed to provide centrally-based analysts with a detailed view of the responses from our surveys, including filters for drilling down and comparing data in the most flexible way. Over the years the number of filters and report types has increased and can sometimes be daunting for new users. The dashboard will give schools quick access to information important to them whilst still being able to continue to delve deeper into their data using the Advanced Search facility.

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The 2018 OPS is on its way

We are preparing for the 2018 OPS survey which will run between January and April next year. Gloucestershire have contracted us to run their survey once again - this is the 7th survey, run every 2 years since 2006 so we have a lovely mass of data for our trend reports! Gloucestershire schools can sign up via the GHLL website.

For the first time we are able to offer the OPS to schools outside of our contracted Counties on an individually invoiced basis. We plan to run the survey at the same time as the Gloucestershire schools. Please Contact Us on 01285 700759 or email to register your interest and to to discuss further.

Food Matters Live

Pauline Foster has been invited to speak at the Food Matters Live exhibition taking place on 21st - 23rd November 2017 at ExCel, London. She will be speaking on matters relating to neuroscience on the 23rd November.

FAB is a mindful employer

We have signed the Charter for Employers who are positive about mental health.

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Interesting stuff

Sex education in schools

On 1st March 2017, Justine Greening, Secretary of State for Education announced that she was proposing to legislate for sex education to be compulsory in all schools .

As from our 2016 Online Pupil Survey, we have included several Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) questions and are well placed to follow any impacts this legislation may have on pupil knowledge and behaviour.

Good example of school survey use

This is a really good example of how gathering data and obtaining a deep understanding of behaviour can help tackle what may appear to be intractable problems with substance abuse - read about how Iceland is stopping teen substance abuse . Our survey asks very similar questions regarding substance abuse and type of activities and our reporting software allows analysts to compare schools and identify problem areas.


A recent presentation and report on electronic cigarettes by Public Health England South West identified key messages for specialist nurses which follow the messages in this blog from Public Health England. One of the remaining questions is whether e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking in young people. One of our survey questions is attempting to gather evidence regarding this.

OPS accuracy

For those of you who are interested in the accuracy of our results, here's some figures for Gloucestershire in 2016:

Year Group Number in database % population based on NOR (as of October 2015)
Year 4 5,257 81.4%
Year 5 (new optional yeargroup) 3,613 58.0%
Year 6 4,898 79.6%
Year 8 5,428 83.3%
Year 10 5,156 81.5%
Year 12 in schools (not colleges) 2,674 76.5%

Statistically, that’s a confident interval of 0.28 at 95% confidence level or 0.36 at the 99% confidence level (this means if we repeated the survey over the entire population we would get the same results + or – 0.36% and we can be certain of this 99% of the time).