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Online Surveys

Famous OPS frog

Our online survey software is customisable and flexible - it can accommodate your own questions or you can choose one of our existing templates.

We offer different question types, such as drop-down, radio-button, check-box, free-text and our own slider type which replaces the traditional radio button array. With a grounding in psychology, we pay particular attention to the way data is captured, ensuring clarity for those taking the survey yet retaining the power of statistics when analysing the data.

Sophisticated navigation logic is available, ensuring only questions that are relevant are asked. We ensure that our surveys are designed to appeal to the age group and audience to which it is targeted - our Online Pupil Survey frogs are now famous throughout many schools in the West Country!

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Online Reporting

getting results - online reporting tool, LodeSeeker

Our online LodeSeeker® data tool, is user-friendly, comprehensive and accessible to all who need to get hold of survey information quickly and accurately. We consistently get feedback from those who have saved hours preparing reports and presentations.

It can be used to interactively interrogate data easily and efficiently and is full of features to access data in many different ways with the use of filters and report types.

It is intuitive as a 'point and click' system, so no additional training is required to use it - although we are happy to provide training workshops to those who wish to harness its full power.

Different levels of access are available depending on your requirements.

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Managing your project

Foster & Brown Research - online survey management, school surveys and online reporting and analysis

Our online administration software, Monitor provides a powerful tool to:

  • manage distribution lists, passwords, sign-up and access to surveys
  • monitor sign-up to surveys and the progress of completion
  • manage access to our LodeSeeker® data tool and the questions, filters and report-types available
  • monitor use of LodeSeeker® to guage reporting activity
  • manage workshop events

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Foster & Brown Research

Foster & Brown Research - online survey management, school surveys and online reporting and analysis

Foster & Brown Research deliver online surveys and reporting as a managed package, helping to take you through the process of gathering vital information and using our software and expertise to help you target areas of need as efficiently as possible.

We can help with:

  • getting your questions right
  • designing the look and feel of your surveys
  • managing your distribution list and monitoring response rate through our Monitor software
  • reporting your results through our LodeSeeker® data tool
  • analysing your results using our expertise and helping you identify targets and trends

Contact Us

on 01285 700759 or email to discuss your requirements or ask any questions you may have. We are very happy to talk through what we are achieving with our Local Authority partners.

Online Pupil Survey

Foster & Brown Research are working with Local Authorities to offer the Online Pupil Survey-Pupil Health and Lifestyle Survey to ALL the schools in their area providing a powerful Pupil Voice telling us about the lives, daily habits, fears and aspirations of thousands of children and young people - information that helps schools, local authorities, health professionals and many other organisations concerned with the wellbeing of young people to plan effectively and efficiently.